AMAs 2019: Lil Nas X Shines Bright in Lime Green and Social Media Can't Get Enough

Lil Nas X arrived at the American Music Awards of 2019 in a lime green tuxedo on Sunday, and fans applauded him. The "Old Town Road" rapper was clad in green from head to toe, with a shirt and gloves of a zebra-striped print. Viewers were impressed by the bold choice. Lil Nas X is one of this year's big breakout sensations, and it looks like he intends to keep making waves judging by his AMAs outfit.

(Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for dcp)

The rapper wore an outlandish tuxedo with pleated green pants and a matching jacket cut well above his waistline. The oversized shoulder pads gave him an armored look, while the double-breasted cut made for an extra-classy ensemble. Not to be overlooked are the shoes. The boxy green slip-ons were just a shade brighter than the rest of the outfit, giving Lil Nas X a kind of computer-generated look.

Many fans joked that Lil Nas X looked like he was wearing a green screen. Looking further ahead, some even wondered if he might be planning some kind of stunt for the cameras. The rapper has five nominations, so there is a reasonable chance he will find himself on stage at some point in the night. If he does, he could project anything he wanted onto his outlandish tuxedo.

Even if he does not pull off some kind of green screen stunt during the show, Lil Nas X may be planning ahead with his outfit. The rapper built his career on viral social media posts, and the green tuxedo is certainly perfect for more of those. He could be planning on using footage of himself in the tux to create online videos down the line, expecting his adoring fans to do the same.

"[Laughing out loud] Lil Nas X stands out like a highlighter," one fan tweeted.

"Whenever the AMAs pan to the audience all I see is Lil Nas X in that BRIGHT ASS GREEN outfit," laughed another.

"I am LIVING for Lil Nas X's neon green and tiger print outfit tonight," a third person wrote.

Lil Nas X broke out on social media earlier this year with "Old Town Road," a rap-country fusion that ear-wormed its way into the Internet's collective heart. When the song was taken off of Billboard's country list, fans revolted, but Billy Ray Cyrus lent his legitimacy to the track by recording a remix with Lil Nas X.


This put the young rapper on the map, and he has never looked back. If Sunday is any indication, this is not the last red carpet when Lil Nas X will stun the audience with an outlandish look that somehow works.

The AMAs are live on Sunday night from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET on ABC.