Rick Ross Breaks Silence After Hospitalization

Rick Ross' social media presence has been sparse since his hospitalization last week, but the legendary rapper returned to Instagram Thursday morning with a message for his fans.

(Photo: Instagram / @richforever)

"Ain't nothing like home," he captioned an apparently old photo of himself, adding "I love y'all - WLR."

Since his hospitalization, a few posts have been sent out on Ross' social media, but this is the first one signed "WLR," his real name of William Leonard Roberts.

What's more is that judging by the caption, Ross appears to be home from the hospital a week after he was reportedly found unresponsive in his home.

Grateful comments from fans like "praise God" and "we love you too" lined the comment section below Ross' caption.

As previously reported, emergency crews rushed to Ross' Florida home after he was found unconscious in the early hours of Thursday, March 1. Details surrounding the incident and his current health are unclear.

In the 3:30 a.m. 911 call, the caller said the person in distress was breathing heavily and unresponsive. The caller said the man had a history of seizures, a condition that has plagued Ross, and they were trying to wake him up but he was "slobbing out the mouth."

According to law enforcement, the person in distress came to and became combative. TMZ reports that he was taken to a hospital and received a respiratory treatment, possibly for pneumonia.

Later, reports surfaced that said Ross relied on a life support machine after a possible heart attack. However, Ross' friends and family denied those rumors. While sources close to the "Hold Me Back" rapper say he was at a Miami area hospital, his family denied he was hospitalized at all.

While Ross' reps and family members denied his hospitalization, his former girlfriend and the mother of his child, told PEOPLE to "pray for him."

In addition, fellow rapper Fat Trel posted an update on Instagram, cluing fans into Ross's condition. “JUS TALKED 2 MY BIG HOMIE… HE GOOD... HE IN DA HOSPITAL BUT HE IS NOT ON ‘LIFE SUPPORT’... HE GOOD.”

Ross has faced health concerns for many years. In October of 2011, he suffered from two seizures in one day, both on separate flights. He blamed the episode on sleep deprivation, but shortly after he began making drastic changes to his lifestyle and diet. Altogether, Ross lost 100 pounds.

Ross discussed his shift into healthy living in an interview with Men's Health in September of 2016.

“I’m happy,” Ross said. “I’m still losing weight, and now I’m starting to build hard muscle in places.”

“If I quit all the things I loved cold turkey, I knew it would only be so long before I went back to my old ways,” Ross continued. “My advice for anyone looking to lose weight is to not make it feel like a job.”


Ross is an embattled figure in the hip-hop world. While he's made some of the biggest gangsta rap hits of the last two decades, his authenticity has been called into question for years. In July of 2008, a website called The Smoking Gun published a photograph of Ross working as a correctional officer.

While the rapper's lyrics are all about running a criminal empire and being an outlaw, he spent at least 18 months working for a prison. He later admitted that he'd taken the job to feed his family.