'Fast and Furious' Star Vin Diesel Is This Year's Top-Grossing Actor

The battle for highest-grossing actor of 2017 came down to two Fast and the Furious stars drifting toward the top spot.

Vin Diesel won the race with a $1.6 billion earning this year, awarding him the title of top-grossing actor by Forbes. Speeding just behind him was costar Dwayne Johnson, who earned $1.5 billion for the year.

Diesel's massive payout came after Fate of the Furious, the eighth installment in the long-running action franchise, topped $1.2 billion at the international box office with its April release.

"The whole point [of The Fast and the Furious] was to diversify Hollywood and in some ways change the face of Hollywood," Diesel told Forbes in 2015 of the multicultural cast.

The actor's role as Dominic Toretto in the franchise earned most of the cash, but his leading spot in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage gave him the edge for the number one spot.

Johnson edged just behind him thanks to his portrayal of Luke Hobbs in Fate of the Furious, but he diversified his earnings with projects like Baywatch, which brought in a shallow $178 million worldwide. His final film of the year, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, will continue to up his total earnings as the sequel is still in its theater release.

Rounding out the top-earning trio is Gal Gadot, who raked in $1.4 billion for the year. Much of her earnings stemmed from her debut as an Amazonian warrior god in Wonder Woman, which tallied $822 million worldwide and became the highest-grossing live-action film ever directed by a woman (Patty Jenkins). Gadot's role in Justice League also upped her total earnings.

Here's the full list of 2017's top 10 grossing actors:


1. Vin Diesel ($1.6 billion)
2. Dwayne Johnson ($1.5 billion)
3. Gal Gadot ($1.4 billion)
4. Emma Watson ($1.3 billion)
5. Johnny Depp ($1.1 billion)
6. Daisy Ridley ($1.08 billion)
7. Tom Holland ($888 million)
8. Chris Pratt ($864 million)
9. Chris Hemsworth ($845 million)
10. John Boyega ($815 million)

Forbes releases the annual list of top-grossing actors after calculating global ticket sales from January 1 - December 26, 2017, using data from Box Offica Moji. It does not count earnings from animated films, where only the actors' voices are heard, and "only included actors who were top-billed or had the most screen time."