Iconic Horror Actor Tony Todd Praises Co-Star Chemistry and Talent in 'Tales From the Hood 3' (Exclusive)

Tony Todd is most well-known for playing the iconic hook-handed Candyman in the eponymous horror [...]

Tony Todd is most well-known for playing the iconic hook-handed Candyman in the eponymous horror film series. But, he has also turned up in other frightening franchises, such as Final Destination and Wishmaster. Now, Todd has jumped into another with a role in Tales From the Hood 3, which premieres Saturday, Oct. 17, at 9 pm ET on SYFY. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Todd revealed how he landed the part, as well as showering his co-stars with praise over their chemistry and talent.

The first Tales From The Hood was released in 1995, with a sequel finally landing in 2018. Including Tales From The Hood 3, all three films are written, produced, and directed by Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott. He says that Todd's friendship with the pair ultimately led him to land the leading role in the franchise's third movie. "Darin Scott and I have known each other for years. We rubbed elbows in some of the best dive bars in Hollywood. Anytime we saw each other, we'd check-in and say, 'What are you up to? What are you doing?'"

Eventually, the three of them — along with Tales From The Hood 2 star Keith David — participated in the documentary Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror, an exclusive project from horror streaming service Shudder. Todd recalls this being where the groundwork was laid for him joining the franchise. "The first time I had them both on stage at the end of the screening and Q&A, I asked them, 'So how come, I've never been offered Tales From The Hood?' They smirked, and then about two months later, I got a call out of the blue, and there you go."

Like its predecessors, Tales From The Hood 3 features four terrifying tales, held together by a wrap-around story, which features Todd and a young actress named Sage Arrindell. The chemistry between the two comes through perfectly on-screen, as they deliver some big grandfather and granddaughter energy. Todd says the reason for this is due to him spending quality time with young co-star and her mother ahead of filming.

During filming in Winnipeg, Canada, Todd and Arrindell stayed at the same hotel, which worked out because he happened to see her one day off, so he introduced himself to her and her mother they took some time to go over their script. "I always liked to grab a rehearsal, and sometimes when you do film and TV is the schedule doesn't work out that way," he explained, then noting that having the chance to rehearse off-set with Arrindell really helped them build the nature of their characters on-screen. Todd said that this "made all the difference in the world."

Todd has lots of praise for the other film stars, despite not sharing scenes with them. One such star is Cooper Huckabee, who plays Denton Wilbury, a foul-mouthed bigot who is out of touch with reality in more ways than one. "I love what Cooper does in his segment, which is very courageous and unlike him," Todd said, "He nailed it, and that was a great twist."

Todd also praised actress Lynn Whitfield, who stars in one segment as an aged entertainer, constantly reliving her former glory, as well as actors Jaime M. Callica and London Brown. Callica and Brown star in an intense segment about a scheming real estate agent trying to drive a family from their apartment. "There are a lot of young actors that are in this that support film, and it's another stepping stone in their career. So I'm really proud of them." Tales From The Hood 3 is now available to own, but fans can also catch it when it airs on SYFY tonight.