Producers of Tom Cruise's 'American Made' Suing Over Fatal Plane Crash

During the filming of Tom Cruise's latest movie, American Made, a fatal plane crash claimed the lives of two occupants with a third being seriously injured. After Cross Creek Pictures was sued over the incident, the production company is now turning around and suing the aviation company.

On September 11, 2015, a Piper/Smith Aerostar 600 went down in Colombia. Helicopter stunt operator Alan Purwin and airman Carlos Berl were killed while S&S partner Jimmy Lee Garland was seriously injured.

The heirs of the deceased went on to file wrongful death lawsuits against Cross Creek Pictures, according to TMZ.

Now, Cross Creek – alongside Imagine Entertainment, Quadrant Pictures, and Vendian Entertainment – is claiming that S&S Aviation, the company that owned the plane, did not maintain the aircraft properly.

S&S was "negligent in failing to properly inspect, repair, maintain and ensure airworthiness," and "failing to operate the Subject Aircraft in a safe manner, including, but not limited to, failure to provide adequate pre-flight preparation, briefing, instruction, training and supervision to the pilot in command," THR reports.

Cross Creek is requesting from a judge that S&S be held responsible for any damages that will be paid out from the incident.

One major point of contention between Cross Creek and S&S is who was actually piloting the plane. In Berl's lawsuit, it states that Garland was piloting the aircraft. Purwin's suit suggests that it was Berl.

American Made is a film about C.I.A.-recruited drug runner Barry Seal. The film stars Cruise, Domnhall Gleeson, Sarah Wright and Jesse Plemons. It was directed by Doug Liman based off a script penned by Gary Spinelli.

The next development in the lawsuit is expected to come in a Los Angeles Superior Court on September 29 during a summary hearing for the Purwin lawsuit. The date happens to be the same day that American Made is released in U.S. theaters.



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