'The Crown' Star Reportedly Grabs Major Movie Role Opposite Jennifer Lawrence

Fresh off an Emmy win, The Crown alum Josh O'Connor is rumored to be starring in a new mob family drama alongside Jennifer Lawrence. Mob Girl, which will be helmed by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino as his first American film, will tell the true story of Arlyn Brickman –– a woman who hung out with mobsters in Little Italy and dated them, only to ultimately step up as a mobster herself. The film is based on the novel by New York journalist Theresa Carpenter. 

Showbiz411 reports O'Connor's management denies his involvement, which could mean the deal is still under wraps at the moment. In the meantime, O'Connor's next immediate venture will be seen in the upcoming film Mothering Sunday. The Emmy winner will star alongside up-and-coming star Odessa Young in the sexy period drama, which will hit theaters on Nov. 19. 

O'Connor plays the last son in a family that's lost its other children to the first World War. Their plan for him is to see him become a lawyer and marry well, but he begins a secret and steamy affair with a young maid. 


This awards season, the star took home his first Emmy Award win for Best Actor in a Drama series. "Making The Crown has been the most rewarding two years of my life," he said during his acceptance speech, per Deadline. "To the cast and crew, Peter Morgan and the other brilliant directors who made this show such a pleasure to be a part of, thank you." O'Connor won't be returning to the show for another season as the Royal Family drama is scheduled to jump through time in the next installment with a new Prince Charles and Princess Diana. While it's been a fun ride, he says he's now looking forward to new projects. "It's been two years of my life, cumulatively, making the show. And then the rest of my life has just been talking about it," O'Connor told Variety. "It's a strange dynamic; you spend more time talking about your work than you do making it sometimes. And that just shows the success of [The Crown] — that people want to hear about it and want to understand the process and the stories. I've had the best two years ever. But it's also exciting, the idea that I can go off and talk about other stuff."