Sylvester Stallone Confirms 'Demolition Man 2' in the Works

Sylvester Stallone has confirmed that Demolition Man 2, a sequel to the '90s sci-fi action film, is currently in the works. The legendary actor confirmed the plans during an Instagram Q-andA, per LadBible. After a fan asked, "Can we get another [Demolition Man]?" Stallone responded: "I think there is one coming."

He added, "We're working on it right now with Warner Bros., and it's looking fantastic. So that should come out, that's going to happen." There has been no official word from Warner Bros. regarding plans for the film, but it has long been speculated that a sequel would one day become a reality, as the original film has remained a hit with fans. Demolition Man opened in October 1993, and paired Stallone with Wesley Snipes. The pair played a cop and crime lord, respectively, who are Cryogenically frozen in 1996. They awaken in 2032 to discover that mainstream society has evolved and nearly all crime has been eradicated. The movie also co-starred Sandra Bullock, Benjamin Bratt and Denis Leary.

Recently, Demolition Man screenwriter Daniel Waters reflected on the film's enduring legacy, joking that he finds it is often referred to when people get nervous about government rules and guidelines. "When I’ve had too much to drink, I tend to go on the internet and look up 'Daniel Waters Underrated,' then go to all my movies and 'underrated.' But, if you look up 'Demolition Man Underrated,' you really hit the jackpot," he joked while speaking to Vulture. "Its reputation has gotten so much better. Any time anything politically correct goes a little too far… When Bloomberg did the [soda ban], even then, people were saying, 'This is the slippery slope to Demolition Man!'"

Waters went on to say, "This was definitely a rewrite job. It was kind of a regular action movie. There was no attempt at comedy in the first drafts of the script. I basically pitched them the full Sleeper version. There’s this place in Universal City called CityWalk, and the initial instinct was like, what if all of L.A. became CityWalk? It just snowballed from there. I only worked on it for two and a half weeks. Then I ended up getting first credit on the screenplay because I had changed it [so much]." At this time, there is no word on is Waters is involved with the Demolition Man sequel. It is possible that Bullock could return, but unlikely that Snipes would, as his character met a fatal end in the original.