Lindsay Lohan's Netflix Comeback: What We Know

The stage is set for Lindsay Lohan's return to acting, but details are still slim. Last month, [...]

The stage is set for Lindsay Lohan's return to acting, but details are still slim. Last month, Variety reported that Lohan would star in a holiday-themed rom-com produced by Netflix. So far, the title and the release date of the Christmas flick have not been revealed.

Lohan has been scarce in Hollywood recently, sticking to reality TV or other non-acting jobs. That will change in a holiday season soon, when she will reportedly play a "newly engage,d spoiled hotel heiress" who suffers a skiing accident and develops amnesia. Netflix's logline says that she "finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter in the days leading up to Christmas."

Lohan is a natural addition to such a production since she started her career in a similar family comedy. She played both Hallie Parker and Annie James in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap, where 11-year-old twin sisters separated at birth are reunited and conspire to get their parents back together.

Lohan would go on to find huge success in simple, familiar comedies. She starred in another remake of Freaky Friday and then took perhaps her most iconic role in Mean Girls. It was around that time that Lohan became an A-list star and shouldered the burden of the paparazzi. She was rumored to have developed issues with mental health, substance abuse and/or disordered eating, and pulled away from the spotlight more and more. Consequently, these public absences made her less desirable as a star actress and reportedly harder for studios to insure.

Lohan has done well for herself without the support of Hollywood. She has made some big TV appearances, including some breakout reality TV shows and has capitalized on her celebrity status where possible. She has also traveled extensively and pursued other ventures like music and club promotion.

Lohan has not been completely absent from movie screens in the meantime either. She appeared in the 2019 thriller Among the Shadows — her first feature-length performance since Scary Movie V in 2013. She has also made appearances in many TV shows, scripted or otherwise. Still, this new project will be a return to conventionality that many fans are surprised about.

Lohan's new Netflix Christmas rom-com is reportedly going to start production in November. There is no word on when it will be released, but presumably, it won't be in time for this Christmas 2021.