Jamie Foxx Still Attached to Major Superhero Movie That's Been Years in the Making

Creator Todd McFarlane just confirmed that Foxx is still attached to the 'Spawn' reboot in development.

Jamie Foxx is still intent on starring in a reboot of the comic book adaptation Spawn, according to the series' creator Todd McFarlane. A new Spawn movie has been in the works for over two decades, and Foxx first signed on to the project in 2013, though it has still not come to fruition. During a recent interview with Screen Rant, McFarlane said that Foxx is still on board despite all the delays.

McFarlane said that so far he hasn't been told anything about Foxx departing this project, and that's a good sign. He pointed out that oftentimes talent has to step aside from a project due to simple logistical issues, even if they want to be involved, but so far he hasn't heard anything about Foxx leaving Spawn. He said: "We're all hoping, fingers crossed, that the team that we assembled at the beginning will still somehow be involved. But we'll have to let it play out, right?"

"And because I think ultimately the people spending $100 million bucks are going to be the ones that are going to dictate [those big decisions]," McFarlane went on. "But Jamie's my guy. So, until somebody tells me otherwise, Jamie is my guy."

McFarlane created Spawn in 1992 when launching his own comic book publisher Image Comics, which became a major competitor for DC and Marvel. The antihero character was a mercenary who died and went to hell for his numerous crimes, but struck a deal with a demon, allowing him to return to Earth with newfound powers and a disfigured appearance. He now fights evil in the hopes of atoning for his sins.

Spawn's most successful adaptation was an HBO animated series, but Foxx would star in a live-action movie. The series got a live-action adaptation in 1997 starring Michael Jai White, which got generally negative reviews due to the special effects, among other issues. Initially, McFarlane was hoping to make a sequel to that movie, but over the years it has evolved into a reboot.

At this point, the Spawn reboot has been struggling to get off the ground for decades, while the superhero movie genre may have seen its heyday come and go. There's no telling if or when fans will get to see this movie at last, but if they do it sounds like Fox is still hoping to be its star.