'Fletch' Reboot With Jon Hamm Given Green Light by Miramax

A modern-day reboot of the classic Chevy Chase film Fletch has been given the green light by Miramax, with Mad Men star Jon Hamm set in the lead role. According to Variety, the new project was unveiled on Wednesday and is said to be based on the book Confess Fletch by Gregory McDonald. It was McDonald's novels that were the original inspirations for the 1985 crime-comedy, as well as its sequel, Fletch Lives.

The plot of Confess Fletch centers around the investigative reporter winding up as the prime suspect of murder while attempting to uncover the plot around several other mysterious deaths. Not only does he have to clear his name of the crime, but Fletch also is forced to find the art collection stolen from his fiancée, which she acquired after her father went missing and is presumed to be dead. In a statement on the reboot plans, Miramax CEO Bill Block said, "Fletch's duration over audiences — whether told on paper or the big screen — entertains all and we could not be more thrilled to see what twenty-first-century twist these artists create."

In addition to starring in the Fletch reboot, Hamm will also serve as a producer alongside manager/producer Connie Tavel (Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey). David List will serve as the film's executive producer. Superbad director Greg Mottola will helm the movie, from a script written by Zev Borrow (Chuck, the Lethal Weapon TV series).

The first Fletch was a big hit with audiences, grossing nearly $60 million on a budget of only $8 million. It's 1989 sequel took in less — just under $40 million — but on a budget of only $8 million again, it was still a pretty significant success. Both films starred Chase in the lead, and have since become some of his more noteworthy roles. Back in 2001, Chase spoke with Collider about the impending Vacation reboot, and, at the time, he had a little to say regarding the continuation of the Fletch franchise.

"I don't know what's gonna happen with that. It's the same thing with Fletch, I think they had Fletch and then they sold that to Warners too. So we'll see," he said. "I mean look, I'm not gonna do Fletch unless I'm Fletch if they start writing something for a kid who's Fletch and I'm just helping out, 'Bye.' I mean, there's no reason why, at my age, I can't still be Fletch. I've always been getting this impression that they'd like me to be mentoring a younger Fletch type thing." There is currently no word on if Chase has been approached to appear in the reboot.