'Bombshell' Actress Bree Condon on Charlize Theron's Movie Makeover: 'I Thought Megyn Kelly was Visiting the Set' (Exclusive)

Tonight, Bombshell star Charlize Theron will go head-to-head with a number of other talented [...]

Tonight, Bombshell star Charlize Theron will go head-to-head with a number of other talented actresses in the Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture category, for her role as former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. Theron's transition into Kelly was so uncanny that it shocked the internet when the first teaser for the film was released, but her Bombshell co-star Bree Condon — who plays Kelly's former Fox News co-worker Kimberly Guilfoyle in Bombshell — told PopCulture.com that even on set it was hard to tell the difference between the two.

While speaking about what it was like to work with Theron and the many other phenomenal stars in the film, Condon shared, "It was so fun. Even being in the makeup trailer was so much fun. So incredible. Seeing these transformations, I mean Charlize is in the makeup room for three hours a day."

She continued, "The hair and makeup team overall, they were outstanding and the prosthetics and the hair, I think everyone in this film had something altered or done. And they were uncanny."

Condon then recalled her initial encounter with Theron on-set, saying, "The first day I walked onset into the lunch tent Charlize was sitting eating lunch and in between her scenes and I thought Megyn Kelly was visiting the set because I hadn't seen her. I had no idea what they were doing. I was like, 'wait, what's happening here?' It gave you goosebumps. It just looked incredible."

Not only did Theron look exactly like Kelly, but Condon shared that even "her voice and her mannerisms" perfectly mimicked the journalist. In addition to her starring role in the film, Theron also produced Bombshell, something that Condon says she took very seriously.

"What was amazing about her just working with everyone is that she was also producer on the film and she was so helpful," Condon said. "She would shoot all day, she'd be there at 4 am doing, in the makeup for three hours, shoot all day and then when her scenes were done, she would strip everything down and get into producer mode, come back onset and be the last person there helping, directing, giving pointers and which was amazing just to see how quickly she flipped into her other role as producer as well."

In addition to Theron's Golden Globe nomination, her Bombshell co-star Margot Robbie is nominated in the Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture category, for her role as fictional Fox News employee Kayla Pospisil.

Tune into the 2020 Golden Globes tonight at 8 p.m. ET, on NBC, to see if Theron and Robbie take home the Best Actresses awards.

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