Beloved Disney Channel Original Movie Is Being Remade, See the First Look

This week, fans got their first look at the Disney Channel's remake of Under Wraps — the first original movie the network ever made. Under Wraps first premiered in October of 1997, and from the looks of it, this new version will follow the same spooky theme.

The new promo shows the cast and crew of Under Wraps on the set of the movie, describing the production and the plot. Fans get to see some of the sets and costumes, but also some of the methods being used to bring the story to life. The video features Malachi Barton — who plays Marshall, Sophia Hammons — who plays Amy and Christian J. Simon — who plays Gilbert. Director Alex Zamm also stops to say hi to the camera, as does the actor "Harold," who plays the mummy.

For those that don't remember, Under Wraps is about three young friends who find an Egyptian mummy in the basement of a "dead" man's house, and discover that it comes to life at a certain time each month based on the lunar cycle. They befriend the mummy and name him Harold, but soon discover that there is a danger to their fun — if Harold is not returned to his sarcophagus by midnight on Halloween, he will cease to exist.

The original version of the movie starred Adam Wylie, Mario Yedidia and Clara Bryant. It was written by Don Rhymer and directed by Greg Beeman. The movie has a powerful legacy as the first Disney Channel original movie ever made, and it holds a unique place in many fans' hearts for its niche as a Halloween holiday movie.

According to a report by Deadline, the remake is slated for release in 2021, so it seems like a safe bet that it will come out in October.


While the story has been "re-imagined," it sounds like most of the major plot points will be the same — Marshall, Amy and Gilbert will have to return "Harold" to his resting place before midnight on Halloween night, or else their new friend will die for real. They will have to evade criminals along the way, but they may discover some of their new friend's powers to aid them.

"Under Wraps introduced a generation of kids and families to what has become the backbone of our programming across the globe: Disney Channel Original Movies," said Disney Channel's vice president of original movies Lauren Kisilevsky. "We are excited to welcome our audience back into the Halloween spirit and celebrate the unlikely friendship between three kids and a mummy as they embark on an adventure and ultimately save the day."