'Army of the Dead': Garret Dillahunt Talks Facing off Against 'Zombie Tigers,' Undead Showgirls for Netflix Movie (Exclusive)

Fans have eagerly anticipated Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead, and now finally, the movie is [...]

Fans have eagerly anticipated Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead, and now finally, the movie is officially streaming on Netflix. The film is an action-heist flick set against the backdrop of a zombie-infested Las Vegas, which star Garret Dillahunt recently told PopCulture.com is one of the most "imaginative" movies he's ever been part of. In Army of the Dead, Dillahunt — best known for his roles in Deadwood and The Walking Dead spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead — plays a mercenary team member "trying to liberate this money from the vault of a casino."

Along the way, though, they "find more than [they] bargain for" when they come face-to-face with "zombie tigers" and the leader of the undead, who Dillahunt says fans have referred to as "The Zombie Queen." Playing the sinister Sin City showgirl, officially known as The Bride, queen of the Alpha Zombies, is stuntwoman Athena Perample. Dillahunt praised Perample for her performance, saying that she was "incredible" in her portrayal of the malevolent matriarch.

"This was great fun," Dillahunt went on to say about the new movie. "Really excited that Zack's not afraid to kind of rethink very popular, almost trope-ish, genres. There's expectations about zombies, and he's gonna break 'em all. And it kind of feels like high time. Why can't they be this way? It's all made up." Dillahunt later added that he "just can't wait for people to see it."

While the California native loves the mash-up of zombies and heist stories in Army of the Dead, he has a hard time choosing one genre over the other. When asked which he personally prefers, Dillahunt confessed that it's just too hard to "narrow it down." He explained that he has always been a big fan of "science fiction and fantasy" stories, which he first bonded with as a kid reading comics.

Dillahunt admitted to still having "multiple boxes of comic books that I cannot part with" and express that he is "so glad that's how I spent my childhood." The seasoned star also feels a connection to his past and present, saying that reading comics is like "looking at storyboards" all day. "I'm sure it played a big part in me being an actor," he said. Army of the Dead is now streaming only on Netflix and playing in select theaters.