Watch Cashier Play Along When Young Girls Mistake Him for 'Moana' Character

A viral video is gathering some momentum, showing a cashier who resembles a certain character from Moana indulging a couple of young fans.

The video, shared by PEOPLE, shows a gentleman in a grocery store scanning vegetables. From behind the camera, a young girl calls out "that's Maui!" Rather than scoffing or taking offense, the clerk plays along.

He invites the two girls behind the counter with him for the video, making sure the person operating the camera has them all in the frame. Then he shouts the catchphrase of Dwayne Johnson's character from Moana: "Chee-hoo!"

The two girls look delighted, and amazingly, he never even stops scanning groceries.

The girls don't seem to question why a demi-god that pulls islands up from the sea is working at a grocery store. Hopefully the cashier got a kick out of their excitement. If not, he can at least revel in the positive comments rolling on on the video.

Followers were awestruck by the adorable moment, replying to applaud his reaction to the girls' childish wonder. One commenter even wrote "Next job... Disney."

She's not wrong, either as the cashier is a dead ringer for Maui, the immortal being who reluctantly accompanies Moana on her quest to restore the heart of the Tefiti.