Watch: Kristin Cavallari Opens Up About Brother Michael's Death

Kristin Cavallari talks about where she found strength after her brother Michael's death to Us Weekly.

Cavallari's older brother died of hypothermia at the age of 30 last December following a car crash in Grand County, Utah.

The mother of three, 29, continues to feel the pain from his passing, but she knows she has to keep moving forward, especially for her children.

"I did at the time, and I still do find a lot of strength in my children, because of the timing of everything," she said, in a nod to her daughter Saylor's birth in November, just one month before Michael's death.

"You can't just stay in bed and feel sorry for yourself. You gotta get up. You have other lives you have to take care of. You have to put food on the table and get them dressed and off to school and everything. So yeah, you can't just feel sorry for yourself."

Michael was discovered in a "steep and very rocky area" after his car crash in the Salt Wash region of Utah on Dec. 10, 2015.

This past June, Cavallari's family traveled to the location he was found and held a small ceremony in his honor.


"My brother's birthday was June 11, and so my family — my mom, my stepdad, my dad, Jay [Cutler] and I — all went out to Utah where he was found," she said. "And we put a little plaque in the rock where he was found and had our own sort of service for him. … It was more of a celebration."

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