Turn Up the Heat for Valentine's Day With Boudoir Photography

(Photo: Priscilla Kammerer Photography)

Much to what you may think, boudoir photography is not at all about sex — it's more about feelingsexy and comfortable in your own skin. With sessions focusing entirely on who you are through a personal side, the rising trend has grown rapidly in the last decade, becoming a favorite among many women.

Natural light photographer, Priscilla Kammerer of Priscilla K Photography shares with Womanista that boudoir sessions are just as much a gift for you as they are for your partner.

"I think a woman should do a boudoir session for more than one reason," Kammerer says. "If done well, [she] should leave the session feeling confident, beautiful, and sexy."

If you're nervous to try a session, we're here to dispel those anxieties. Boudoir, in all its femininity and liberation, can be very effective in boosting self-love and embracing your body without shame.

Pamper Yourself

You don't have to be a supermodel to do private boudoir sessions! In fact, these confidence-boosting shoots are a great excuse to treat yourself. As Kammerer shares, expect a ton of fun when you get your photos taken since most photographers who shoot boudoir are not the "stuffy type." Helping her clients feel sexy and relaxed, she encourages them to bring a playlist of their favorite tunes, high heels, and "clothing" options.

"At the sessions I host, I have makeup, snacks, and champagne provided," she says. "It usually lasts about 45 minutes and that includes at least a couple 'outfit' changes. [But] there is always a lot of laughing and fun involved."

Be Creative With Outfits

As Kammerer reveals, creativity is a huge part of boudoir. "I have had clients bring everything from a football to an apron," she says. From personal touches like your partner's favorite shirt or a jersey of their go-to team, there is a high degree of originality that photographers like Kammerer appreciates when clients create significance.

As a pro-tip, she encourages clients not to tan a week before and to try on ensembles prior to a session to ensure there are no seamed impressions left on the skin. No matter what you wear, Kammerer expresses, "[It's] important that the client feels comfortable and sexy in what they are wearing."

Love Your Body

To reclaim self-confidence and lessen the effects of body shaming, it's essential to love and accept our body. Women are treating themselves after milestone achievements, weight loss, illness recovery, and even divorce with boudoir sessions as a method for strengthening self-esteem. Not only can a session help view your "assets" in a different light, but it's also the key to loving every inch of yourself no matter the challenges. Studies prove the more you love your body — aka 'your life-long best friend,' the better it will respond to your mental and emotional requests.

Overcome Fears

In a survey from Dove, 77 percent of women report they're camera shy, citing anxiety as a reason why they often feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. As Kammerer reveals, she's had several clients who were initially reluctant, but made it her mission to ease their nerves through continuous encouragement, compliments, and reassurance.

In what sparks a debate among many, she too believes in the confidence building of makeup as a way for women to present themselves in exactly the way they choose. "[It] helps tremendously," Kammerer says. "Once they are all dolled up, then they feel a bit more ready."

Feel Empowered

Boudoir sessions let you express your femininity however you desire without the concern of judgment. As Kammerer captures so beautifully in her portraits, that expression of strength to be yourself in your own skin grows like a muscle — rubbing off on the rest of your well-being.

With Kammerer revealing that the job of any boudoir photographer is to let the client feel contented and sexy, it's evident these kinds of photographs present organic opportunities to reclaim femininity through self-love

Be Yourself


Through the self-exploration of emotions and awakening the 'real you,' boudoir is an effective tool in helping define meaning and purpose through strengths and weaknesses. By challenging self-perception and shying from comfort zones, boudoir allows you view yourself in ways you never did before. A session can not only instill confidence, but also let you be your authentic self.

The best advice Kammerer shares with Womanistas interested in a session: "Bring your confidence and personality!"