The Rock Drops Brand New Moana Clip On Instagram

It seems like there isn't anyone out there more excited for the release of the new Disney movie, Moana, than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. As part of the promotion leading up to the November 23 release of the film, Johnson has been giving fans clips, hints, and goodies on his Instagram – and he just dropped another.

Over the last few months, Johnson has been posting everything from poster releases, to trailers, to promotion photos. He even shared the first photos of the new Hawaiian Airlines Moana plane. But fans are particularly excited to see the movie clips he has been sharing, as there has been a lot of secrecy about exactly what this new movie entails.

In the latest clip, Maui, played by Johnson, is singing about himself – not unlike many of the other big headed Disney characters that have come before him. Maui is a demi-god who is called upon by the movie's heroine, Moana, to help her with her mission. Based on previous clips, Maui is a little reluctant to help.

Based on this new clip, it's easy to see that Maui is a little self-centered. The video features The Rock singing a song where Maui is asking for thanks for all the godly things he has done for the islanders. Again, he is a little big headed.

The music for the film was written by Tony award winning Hamilton creator and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda. So after watching this latest clip, you can thank him for the catchy song that will be stuck in your head for the next hour, at least.


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