The Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery Evidence Report Claims It Was Allegedly An Inside Job

In early October, Kim Kardashian was reportedly robbed at gunpoint for her immaculate collection of jewelry while visiting Paris. After months of the Paris police telling her how unlikely it was that they'd find any suspects, authorities have finally apprehended the potential culprits, with one of them being much closer to the Kardashian family than anyone could have imagined.

Police have taken a whopping 17 suspects into custody in connection to the robbery, and according to French newspaper La Monde, one of those suspects works for the limo service the Kardashian family frequently uses while in Paris.Police

Police reports say that it's likely a limo driver was updating the thieves as to Kim's coordinates throughout the evening, making it easier to pull off the heist.

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The news is especially interesting, because, in the immediate aftermath of the incident, many people blamed Kim and her affinity for social media and constantly telling her fans what she was doing as a reason she was robbed in the first place. After all, had she not been so open with her fans about what she was doing and where she was going, thieves couldn't have tracked her down, right?

Despite the fact that this was clearly blaming the victim, the recent development helps solidify even further this wasn't Kim's fault, since one of her drivers could have easily updated the robbers to her whereabouts.

Kardashian critics were dismissive of the entire ordeal, almost going so far as to say a robbery at gunpoint should be expected if you live your life so publicly. However, Kim was so shaken by the event, she practically abandoned all of her social media channels in the following months, clearly out of fear that more people could use it to track down her location.

The robbery wasn't the only drama in the reality star's life the last few months, as her husband, Kanye West, was hospitalized for exhaustion and anxiety issues, which put a massive strain on their relationship and had rumors swirling about divorce. Her brother Rob and his partner Blac Chyna have also been going through relationship troubles, adding more stress on the family.

Hopefully, the apprehension of suspects and realization that it was a driver's fault, not at all hers, will help Kim rest a little easier.

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