The Hillary Clinton Campaign Headquarters Melted Last Night

As the results of the Presidential election poured in, the supporters at the Hillary Clinton Campaign headquarters were absolutely devastated.

Going into election night, the Clinton supporters were optimistic that America would have its first female president.

One Clinton supporter told CNN, "This is brutal," after looking at the saddened expressions on the faces of the people at the headquarters.

Many of the Clinton supporters felt that a Trump presidency would have a negative impact on their future.

"I have children with autism. This is devastating to me," civil rights organizer, Linda Quintanilha, said to Politico. "I'm scared of the fight for their dignity. My heart is telling me this is not my America."

"As a gay woman it's terrifying," a woman named Rachel Albert said. "In some states it's still legal to fire people based on their sexuality. Best case scenario, Trump gets impeached and Mike Pence, we know how bad he is based on what he's done in his own state."

Some of the Clinton supporters blamed complacency on the part of the Democratic party for not turning out in larger numbers, while others felt that there were more sexist reasons for the Trump victory.

"I think part of the population was complacent, listening to the polls, saying we don't have to worry, she's going to win," New York State Senator Roxanne Persaud said. "It's beyond shocking. What Trump represents is regression."

Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen said, "I can't believe this is happening. People hate women."

"If Hillary Clinton were a man, tonight would be a much different night," Dana Nicolette said. "Do people not know what autonomy over our own body means? They haven't read history books? I have no words. I have no idea. I don't know how as a woman, you could vote for that person who I don't even want to say their name right now."

Hillary Clinton is giving a concession speech on Wednesday morning.

What are your thoughts on the Clinton supporters melting down at campaign headquarters last night?

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