The Exercise That Keeps Faith Hill So Fit at 50

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(Photo: Getty / John Shearer)

Faith Hill seems to have it all — a handsome husband (Tim McGraw, how do you always look so good?!), a never-ending country music career and the best legs in the business. Known for her dedicated workout regimen and healthy lifestyle, the 50-year-old country music star doesn’t let her age get in the way of her goals.

“Some days it’s harder to get myself moving than others, but it has such a positive impact on my day,” Hill told Country Weekly. “I have more energy throughout the day and feel better overall. I also try to drink 70-90 ounces of water a day. It is so good for you, inside and out.”

Hill isn’t a fan of dieting but does watch what she eats.

“For lunch, I usually have a Greek salad with grilled chicken. I love salads for lunch. It’s light, delicious and good for you. I vary the protein and sometimes use salmon instead of chicken,” Hill said.

Someone with legs like Faith Hill doesn’t just eat Greek salads though. They have to work out hard, which is why Hill opts for Pilates.

“I could bend in ways I haven’t been able to since I was a teenager,” she told Shape Magazine. “My husband loves it! It was so hard, but ultimately so worth it. My core is much stronger, and my arms are more toned.”

“I’m a mother, wife, artist, etc. and it is not always easy to balance everything. Our rule at home is family first. Anything that Tim or I do works around what our kids are doing. That always comes first.”

Hill hits up a Pilates class three times a week and doesn’t ignore toning exercises in the form of crunches and sit-ups.

Pilates works for Hill, and it could work for you too! Try some of our favorite Pilates moves below and enjoy the long, lean, beautiful muscles Faith Hill flaunts daily!

Pilates sit-up
Lie down with back flat on your mat. Keep your legs straight out in front of you on the mat with toes pointing up, and bring your arms overhead so they are even with your shoulders. Use your abdominal muscles to raise your head, shoulders and upper body toward the ceiling one vertebrae at a time. Lead with your chest, not your head, and keep your upper body as straight and sturdy as possible. Pause at the top seated position. Slowly lower back down, curling your back towards the floor, taking it vertebrae by vertebrae. Once your back is flat, return your arms to the floor behind your head. Repeat movement for 12-15 reps.

Plank with Pilates ring
Begin in forearm plank with your elbows aligned with your shoulders and your palms mat-down in front of you. Your body should be in one straight line with your feet together. Place the Pilates ring in-between your elbows under your chest. Hold your plank and squeeze the Pilates ring for as many pulses as you can while maintaining proper plank position.


V-sit with Pilates ring
Sit on your mat and place the power circle between your feet. Extended your legs towards the ceiling as high as you can get them and keep your palms flat on the mat for balance. Your upper body should be sitting up, but with a slight angle so you’re balancing through the tailbone. Squeeze the power circle with your feet while holding the V-sit as long as you can. You can even add some arm pulses while you’re in the hold for an additional challenge.

Pilates Hundreds
Lie on your back and lift your legs off the mat into a position where your lower back is comfortably flat on the mat. Peel your head and shoulders off the mat to engage the entire abdominal wall. Reach your fingers toward your feet with palms facing down. Hold the boat-like position of the elevated upper and lower body while you pulse the arms up and down. Inhale for five pulses, then exhale for five pulses. Use your breath to fuel the stabilization of the core and hold for as long as you can maintain proper form.