Step Up Actress' Murder Suspect Claims She Killed Herself

Step Up actress Tricia McCauley was found dead in her this past Tuesday morning. Law enforcement officials confirmed that the 46-year-old died from she died from "ligature strangulation with blunt force trauma." However, the murder suspect has claimed that McCauley actually killed herself after the two had sex.

29-year-old Adrian Duane Johnson, who is the main suspect in the case, told the investigators that the two met on Christmas, they had sex, and then she told him that he could have all of her money, according to People.

"She was suicidal and hung herself in the car," Johnson said to the police on Monday night. He was standing next to McCauley's white Scion IQ outside a CVS Pharmacy in D.C. around 11:19 p.m., according to the police.

The police questioned Johnson as to why he was driving McCauley's missing vehicle, and he responded by saying that before "killing herself, [McCauley] told [him] that he could have all her belongings, including credit cards, money and her car."

The police have reportedly dismissed Johnson's claims regarding the circumstances surrounding McCauley's death. Law enforcement officials have good cause to reject Johnson's story considering when his activity after allegedly killing the yoga instructor.

Johnson drove around the city in McCauley's vehicle spending money on her credit cards while her body was still in the backseat. He picked up a prostitute at one point during his crime spree.

Authorities said that McCauley's body showed evidence of sexual assault as her stockings and underwear had been torn, and her legs were tied together.

Tricia's family has spoken out to share that the late actress was a "beautiful spirit," and that she will be sorely missed. Brian McMonagle, McCauley's friend, described her "as an amazing source of life." He even communicated with her hours before her disappearance and said, "She was in good spirits."

She worked as Jenna Dewan-Tatum's back up in the 2006 dance flick Step Up, and had a handful of other productions lined up in the near future.

"She loved to laugh and find the light in every situation," another friend said. "She lived everything fully."

What are your thoughts about this new development in Step Up actress Tricia McCauley's murder investigation?


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