Star Wars Simon Looks And Sounds Like Darth Vader

The Simon matching game is the kind of frustrating, light up, noise playing game that parents would instantly regret purchasing for their children back in the 80's and 90's. Well, now it's time for pay back, or maybe just some nostalgia with the new Star Wars Simon game!

This new version of the classic game not only plays everyone's favorite Star Wars song, the "Imperial March" as you match the colors, but also comes with classic sounds like, Darth Vader's breathing. Oh, and it looks like Darth Vader!

darth vader simon
(Photo: Tiwtter / @io9)

Thanks to the sleek black exterior, the buttons don't reveal their color until they light up, adding an extra bit of challenge to this repeat and matching-based game. This means players will have to memorize where the different colors are located on his face.

Star Wars Simon won't come out until next spring. But, if you want to get an upper hand for your first game, just listen to John William's "Imperial March" on repeat until then. Also, can we take a moment to thank Hasbro for not making a Mos Eisley cantina song version… yet.


[H/T Io9]