Ronda Rousey Walks Right Off Stage During UFC Event

At the announcement of the UFC 207 fight between Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes, Rousey decided that she wasn't going to answer any questions. After Joe Rogan introduced the opponents and they took a few photos, Rousey immediately walked off the stage.

Normally, after the introductions, Rogan gets the chance to interview the fighters. This time he started with Nunes, which gave Rousey the perfect opportunity to exit the stage. Which she did, without a glance back.

After the two fighters broke after their photo, it looks as if Rousey tried to walk off immediately, but Dana White held her arm, keeping her on stage – for about 10 seconds. You can tell by the look White's face that it was useless to go after her.

Nunes did stay on stage to say a few words to Rogan and the audience, who has been looking forward to this fight since it was announced as a possibility earlier this year. Nunes will be defending her title in this fight, and she is more than ready to kick ass.

"This is the fight I asked for," she said. "I trained to fight this girl for my whole [UFC career], and now I have a chance to defend my belt against her. It's going to be amazing."

Rousey may not have addressed the audience, but she did give a smile and a wave to a fan on her way out.

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