Ozzy Osbourne's Ex-Mistress Says He Was 'Love of Her Life'

(Photo: Getty / Michael Buckner)

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are back together following their split in May, but that does not mean all is forgiven or forgotten.

For Ozzy's former mistress Michelle Pugh, his decision to return to his marriage has not been an easy one.

Pugh, Ozzy's hairstylist and colorist, was thrust into the spotlight when her affair with the metal singer was discovered by the public. Now, she has spoken out to tell her side of the story.

"When I say he gave me the greatest love of my life, I mean it," she told PEOPLE of her multi-year relationship with the reality TV star. "He made me feel like the most beautiful and worshipped woman in the world."

Ozzy and his wife recently announced that their relationship is "back on track" with the straying husband seeking therapy. Reps for the singer said he stated his relationship with Pugh was strictly sexual, but the celeb stylist disagrees.

"What attracted me to him? Chemistry," said Pugh. "We just had it. It's that indescribable thing in life, and you can't deny it. And he didn't."

She added, "My relationship was more with this really nice, sweet, funny and cool guy ... John from England."

Since Ozzy and Sharon have reunited, though, Pugh said she will respect that and not pursue him anymore, even if it hurts her.


"He is a grown man. He is capable of making the decision to be with me. If he has chosen to not be, that is fine. I accept it and move on," she shared. "But he has been my best friend for the last few years, so of course I am grieving the loss for that."

This story first appeared at Womanista.