Mariah Carey And Her Creative Director Part Ways Following New Year's Eve Debacle

Conflicting stories have continued to pop up about who's to blame for Mariah Carey's disastrous New Year's Eve performance, with the latest news leading to some career changes for Carey. The singer's creative director and longtime choreographer Anthony Burrell has parted ways with the superstar, although sources close to the singer claim Burrell was "not fired."

Carey and her representatives continue to claim that the issues with her performance weren't her fault, but rather caused by the show's producers. Her reps have claimed that the producers intentionally sabotaged her performance by providing her a malfunctioning earpiece in hopes that the disaster could lead to higher ratings. The producers have vehemently denied these claims, explaining that Carey had multiple chances to rehearse the performance ahead of time and that all technical functions were working properly.

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How does Burrell factor into the equation? Well, as the creative director, it was his call to move Carey's backup singers off the stage in order to make room for more dancers, himself included. The backup dancers were able to hear the music adequately for their routine, but without backup vocalists or a functioning earpiece, this made it impossible for Carey to sing along to the music.

In addition to an insider confirming Burrell wasn't fired to Us Weekly, another source says, "Mariah does not blame him for what happened. He just made a bad decision about something that actually mattered that evening."

Now that someone has been held accountable for events leading up to the performance, could this be the last we hear about the performance? Probably not, as we're pretty sure details will emerge about the fiasco until someone else has an even worse New Year's Eve performance.

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