Man With Meat Cleaver Injures Three NYPD Officers Before Being Subdued

Three New York police officers were injured after an altercation with a man wielding an 11-inch meat cleaver. The man ran from the scene causing a chase, but officers eventually shot him to subdue him. One officer is in serious condition and the suspect is in critical condition at a local hospital.

On Broadway and 32nd street in mid-town Manhattan around 5 pm, Akram Joudah of Queens was attempting to remove the boot from his car. Two officers confronted him, but Joudah quickly grabbed a meat cleaver from his pants and fled the scene.

meat cleaver man NYPD
(Photo: Twitter / @Daily_Express)

The two officers, joined by an off-duty detective who was on his way home, and others in the area ran after Joudah. Eventually, the officers deployed a Taser, but were unsuccessful and Joudah was able to climb to the top of a police car. When the detective tried to tackle Joudah, he was slashed across the face from temple to jaw.

Eventually, after other attempts to subdue Joudah failed, three officers fired 18 shots at him. Joudah survived the shooting and is in critical, but stable care at the hospital.

"I give credit to the police officers. They gave him many opportunities," said bystander Jonathan Schneier, adding that the man "did not look very stable."


Another bystander, photographer Corey Melton, heard the gunshots and was able to take photographs of the scene. In his pictures, there is a four-door grey sedan with bullet holes, multiple police cars with active emergency lights, and a man sitting on the ground behind a car, handcuffed.

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