Man Suing Taylor Swift Because She Won't Produce The Music He Wrote

A Utah man is suing Taylor Swift because her agents would not pass along the songs he wrote to the [...]

A Utah man is suing Taylor Swift because her agents would not pass along the songs he wrote to the pop superstar.

On October, Russell Greer filed a lawsuit at a small claims court in Utah after he was unable to get Swift's agents to forward her the music he had written, according to Fox 13.

The "Blank Space" singer is represented by local attorney Greg Skordas, who recently filed a motion to have the claim dismissed. Earlier this week, Greer answered with an opposition to that motion, and now the case will be heard in court on Thursday.

Skordas argues that Greer tried several times to give Swift his music, even though he was told that there was a "No Unsolicited Submissions" policy.

Greer then attempted to get in contact with the 26-year-old musician by reaching out to her parents and her brother after Taylor's management refused to forward the music.

After failing to get Taylor's Attention and spending what he says was considerable time and money to produce the music, Greer is now seeking $7,000 in damages.

Greer is attempting to make the argument that because he suffers from mental health issues that make him "an eggshell skull" plaintiff, and that the management and agents who work for celebrities should be held to a "higher standard of care."

"I feel this needs to be reported on so people know what she did to a disabled songwriter," Greer said in an email.

Greer is also claiming that the ordeal has caused him emotional distress.

Skordas told Fox 13 News that the two had never established a special relationship, and that Swift had no obligation to work with Greer. Skordas called the lawsuit "frivolous" and says that Greer is likely more interested in meeting Swift in person more so than receiving monetary damages.

"In the video, Plaintiff also explains in detail that he does not want the money he is requesting and he chose to file his action in this manner because of his belief that Ms. Swift would be required to appear in person," Skordas wrote. "As he says in his YouTube post, 'Taylor, I sue you to show you I care,' and so that she will be forced to come to Salt Lake City and 'com[e] to dinner with me.'"

Do you think Taylor Swift should have to pay up for not producing Russell Greer's songs?

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