Man Decides To Go Muhammed Ali On A Kangaroo

Just over a year ago, the latest installment in the Rocky franchise, Creed, was released to almost universal praise and garnered multiple Academy Award nominations. Now that it's Oscar season, another film has surfaced focusing on boxing, except instead of the son of a famous boxer's quest for glory, this plot focuses more on a man punching a kangaroo in the face.

We don't want to condone violence towards animals, but this is a real messy situation. Captured somewhere in rural Australia, it appears as though a group of men were out together when the man in the video's dog wandered a little too far from the group's truck. A kangaroo grabbed hold of the dog, Max, and his owner sprang into action.

As the man approached the kangaroo, it released its grip on the canine, but now the man was in the kangaroo's crosshairs. Keeping an eye out for his dog's whereabouts, the man stood "mano a kango" to the marsupial, and resorted to a primitive defense mechanism, which is sometimes known as "punching something in the face." The kangaroo appears relatively unfazed by the experience, and realizing he just punched a kangaroo, the man made a hasty retreat.

Considering how many awful ways this could have gone, it's good to see that the dog, man, and kangaroo all appear no worse for the wear. Following the Creed model, we can expect the kangaroo to snag an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor, which will look adorable in its pouch.


[H/T Daily Mail]