Lamar Odom Is Getting His Own Revenge Body

Now that Lamar Odom is starting to get back on his feet after a scary and tragic drug overdose back in 2015, it seems that he is following his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian's example. The former basketball player isn't just working on his mental health and his addiction, but he has started to work on his physical health too.

Odom recently posted a photo on Instagram of him working out with a medicine ball. This photo comes shortly after Odom opened up in an interview saying that he wanted to get his wife back. Looks like the athlete is taking the first steps toward getting his own "Revenge Body."

"Feels good getting back in the gym," Odom captioned the photo. "Thanks, @jusjackieb #beastatplaysport."

Feels good getting back in the gym. Thanks @jusjackieb #beastatplaysport

A photo posted by Lamar Odom (@lamarodom) on

The 37-year-old recently completed a 30-day rehab program and sat down with Doctor Travis Stork of The Doctors where he spoke about getting his life back together. This involves not only avoiding situations where he could fall back into old and dangerous habits but also getting back into great mental and physical shape.

Odom also opened up about his public apology to the entire Kardashian clan. He admits that while he was dealing with his addiction, he wasted a good amount of their time and energy. Most importantly, he wants others to know how lucky is was to have Khloe by his side during his overdose.

"Just to reinstate what we have as a family, it was important to me. Khloe is important to me," Odom said. "She's been through all this with me. She stood by my side. I just want to repay her."

It looks like Odom is already on his way to repaying Kardashian by bettering himself and staying healthy. Of course, if he comes out on the other side with an equally kick-ass body as Kardashian did after their divorce, it is only an added bonus.


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