Gunman Fatally Shoots Starbucks Patron After Credit Card Gets Denied

A Las Vegas man turned violent after his credit card was denied when he tried to make a purchase at a local Starbucks. One man was severely injured and the gunman was taken into custody.

Witnesses describe the assailant as being a 30-something Hispanic man – Police have yet to release the name of the man in custody, according to New York Post. The man originally pulled into the drive thru and ordered a bottle of water from the coffee shop. After the cashier said his card was declined he seemed to drive away.

las vegas starbucks shooting
(Photo: Twitter / @News3LV)

Instead he parked his car behind a nearby Bank of America and returned to the Starbucks on foot. When he entered the store, witnesses say that he threatened to start shooting customers at random as he fired several shots into the ceiling. He also claimed to have a bomb located in his backpack.

Suddenly, the gunman shot a man who was simply sitting at a table drinking coffee. Afterward, the gunman called 911 himself and explained that the Starbucks he was at was being attacked by a man with a gun, but gave the police a fake description of the gunman in hopes of getting away.

As soon as police arrived at the scene, they evacuated the customers, including the gunman. However, the gunman's attempt to trick the police didn't work as he was immediately arrested. It turned out that he did not have a bomb in his back pack. What's more, this man has had a history of violent behavior and should not have been issued a firearm.


The man who was shot, later passed away at a local hospital despite help from other customers after the incident, according to ABC. One witness who was getting her nails done at a salon across the street says that she saw "a man, young man, who must've helped the victim, sitting on a curb with blood on him, and he was obviously in shock."

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