Duck Dynsaty Posts Final 'Last Call' On Twitter

After becoming one of the biggest hit shows on television, AE's Duck Dynasty is finally coming to end. The Robertson clan issued one "last call" on social media for all the fans of the series to request that everyone tunes in for the final 14 episodes.

On Thursday morning, the Robertson crew sent out the "last call" on Twitter with the caption: "You can bet this will be the quackiest season that ever hatched. That's a fact, Jack! Your #DuckDynasty Family."

Duck Dynasty first debuted in 2012, and since that time, the duck call-making family has become a television sensation. The Robertsons operate their own company, Duck Commander, with Willie Robertson running the business end.

The Roberstons have a huge family, and consists of the patriarch, Phil, Marsha Kay (or Miss Kay), Willie, Jase, Si, Jep, Sadie, John Luke, Mary Kate, Rebecca, Willie Jr., Bella, Reed, Cole, and Mia.

The long-bearded Robertson men and their wives have been an outspoken Christian family that has taken their faith to the mainstream media.

While the show has a huge fan base, it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing Duck Dynasty at all times. Back in 2013, Phil Robertson sparked media outrage after an interview with GQ magazine in which he allegedly made "anti-gay" remarks. After the fallout from the incident, AE decided to ban Phil Robertson from the show. However, the fans lashed out and Phil was reinstated 9 days later.

The final season for Duck Dynasty will be broken into two parts. The first leg of the reality series will run until January 18, and then take a break until March 1.

"After five years, 130 episodes and one of the biggest hits in the history of cable, the Robertson family and A&E jointly decided that Duck dynasty, the series, will come to an end after this season," the AE network said.

The show itself may be coming to an end, but AE hinted that there would be a series of holiday special to follow from the Duck Dynasty stars.

The series finale will air on April 12, 2017.


Are you sad to see Duck Dynasty coming to an end?

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