Chris Brown's Home Being Investigated By LAPD After Woman Claims He Pulled A Gun On Her

(Photo: Facebook)

At the home of R&B singer Chris Brown, the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating an incident regarding felony assault with a deadly weapon.

Early Tuesday morning, the LAPD's Robbery-Homicide Division received a call from a woman requesting help close the Brown's Tarzana home. The woman has not yet been identified, but she claims that the "Don't Wake Me Up" singer threatened her with a gun, according to Variety.

Brown took to Instagram to respond to the ongoing police activity at his home.

"So I'm asleep half the damn night, and I just wake up all these motherf—ing helicopters choppers is around police out there out the gate. C'mon my n—- what the f— else do you want from me," he stated. "I stay out of the way taking care of my daughter. Do work. I don't f— with ugly bitches, trifling bitches whatever the f— it is. I'm not on that, bro. I'm way too tired to be dealing with this bulls—."

In another video he continues, "Every three months y'all get tired of me. You gotta be. Every three months y'all come up with something, bro. what is it? What's goin to be next? Imma fart an elephant? C'mon my n—-. But at the same time when I call the police for stalker people that are endangering my life, they don't come until the next day. Let somebody make a f–ked up allegation about me and oh yeah the whole f—ing SWAT team. My n—- I'm innocent f— everybody I'm tired of hearing this s—."

The authorities are still learning the details of the case. More to come.

What are your thoughts about Chris Brown's latest run-in with the authorities?


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