Charlie Sheen Reveals Rare Photo Of 12-Year-Old Daughter

Charlie Sheen has been enjoying a much quieter life than he was leading a few years ago. The star hasn't dropped out of the spotlight completely but appears to be focused more on his family as of late than his career. Recently, Sheen even shared a photo of his daughter on social media, something he quite rarely does.

sami: So how was your day  dad? dad: well sweetie, it went  a little something like  this... ❤ © &💲

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The candid shot of the two shares another side of Sheen that's a far cry from the one who appeared on talk shows to discuss how he's "winning" and the benefits of tiger blood. Following a feud with the show creators, Sheen then quickly exited his hugely popular Two and a Half Men sitcom, which ended in February of 2015.

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Sam, the daughter in the photo, is shared with mom Denise Richards, to whom Sheen was married from 2002 to 2005. The pair also have another daughter, 11-year-old Lola Rose, who appears on social media much more often, thanks to Denise's Instagram account.

Despite the separation, Sheen often speaks highly of Richards and the relationship they shared, even regularly appearing on one another's social media pages when the whole family gets together.

Sheen recently revealed that the treatments he was undergoing for his HIV have fully suppressed it. Sheen first revealed he was HIV positive in 2015 and early in December, discussed his treatment regime. The process involved a weekly injection of a drug called PRO-140 as opposed to the traditional antiretroviral therapy (ART), and the cocktail of drugs proved effective.

Of the treatment, Sheen said, "It's impossibly amazing," adding, "Personally, I think about how I felt on the day and how I feel today. Wow. Talk about a transformation."


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