Bad Santa 2 Red Band Trailer #2 Released And Ups The R-rated Ante

Warning: graphic content below...

(Bad) Santa is back! Billy Bob Thornton has reprised his role as our favorite, lovable thief who also mirrors as Santa Clause. The original Bad Santa is a definite shock to the senses, but it looks like Bad Santa 2 is upping the ante.

(Photo: YouTube / Broad Green Pictures)

The above red band trailer gives us much more insight as to what the plot will be for the new installment. Basically... Billy Bob is now robbing a charity. He teams up with his long-time partner Marcus (Tony Cox) and his drinking, cursing mother played by Kathy Bates. It seems their plan gets a small wrinkle in it, though, when Diane (Mad Men's Christina Hendricks) catches on to what they are doing.

It's going to be a blast to see the gang get back together again. Judging by the trailer, we know we will get a good dose of booze, cigarettes, nudity/sex, and some 'ho ho ho's along the way.

[H/T YouTube / Broad Green Pictures]