Ariel Winter Posts Bikini Travel Pic That Could Stop Traffic

Now that we're in the middle of winter, everyone wishes they were somewhere warmer, and the same can be said of celebrities. Even if you spend most of your time in Los Angeles, where it never really gets that cold, it's still nice to enjoy trips to tropical locations. Ariel Winter recently took to Instagram to recall fond memories of a trip to a warmer climate.

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If you wear too many articles of clothing in tropical climates, you can get pretty uncomfortable. Winter's trip to Cabo San Lucas was most likely a warm one, so she would have been in physical discomfort had she worn too many layers. Luckily, Winter was well aware of this fact and opted to wear an incredibly small bikini.

The Modern Family star has never been shy about her body, frequently taking to social media to show off her assets. Since her figure isn't the stereotypical shape of a skinny starlet, Winter has at times received criticism of her body. Clearly, the actress couldn't care less about critics, and taking a look at her Instagram, it's tough to find things to complain about. 

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