Alec Baldwin Taunts Trump With Russian Make America Great Again Hat

The feud between Alec Baldwin and president-elect Trump continues to get nasty, as Baldwin took to his Instagram account to instigate the future commander-in-chief. Mocking his campaign slogan of "Make America Great Again" and Trump's vocal adoration of Russia, Baldwin posted a photo of himself in the signature cap, but with the slogan translated to Russian.

Baldwin has been regularly portraying Trump on Saturday Night Live, with each and every occurrence resulting in Trump taking to Twitter to attempt to insult the actor.

On one such occasion, Baldwin offered up a compromise on what would get him to stop the impersonation, which would be if the president-elect would reveal his tax returns.

It's possible that Baldwin was merely in possession of the hat for an upcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live, but Baldwin has made no attempt to hide his disdain for Trump, so it's possible this was intentionally meant to enrage Trump.

Do you think Alec Baldwin is going too far with his antagonistic behavior? Let us know if you think either of the two are being childish in the comments!


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[H/T Vulture]