6 Reasons to Plan a Barn Wedding

For so many young couples across the United States, there is no wedding venue quite like a serene [...]

(Photo: David Pascolla Photography)

For so many young couples across the United States, there is no wedding venue quite like a serene barn or farmyard amidst the countryside.

Okay, you're probably wondering why would anyone want to get married in a cold, damp barn, right? Well, forget what you thought you knew because barns are not what they use to be.

According to a 2014 study from The Knot, six percent of couples married in a barn or farm setting, with the website suggesting such figures would rise for these nontraditional weddings over the next few years.

With modest vibes of simplicity and a rural milieu exuding comfort, rustic barnyard weddings have recently taken top spot as a desirable wedding trend here to stay. Both picturesque and charming, this popular wedding style pulls on aspects of romance through characteristic details, textures, scenery and a creativity unseen by the average wedding.

Plus, what's not to love about its country chic goodness?

Blank canvas
Rustic barns come with a lot of natural charm and personality, so you and your guests are in for a treat when it comes to design and décor. Regarded as one of the more versatile venues, barns can be dressed up or down. Boasting neutral color schemes complete with organic walls and floors, barns additionally feature high, vaulted ceilings and gorgeous beams to accent style. To add a dose of whimsical amour to your design scheme, fairy lights, lanterns, or flowers add a romantic flair to the evening.

Picture-perfect surroundings
When the moment has come and gone, your wedding photography is what's left of the big day — well, that and maybe your cake topper. However, in all their rustic elegance, barns add to the charm of wedding photography as these beautifully landscaped settings provide rich opportunities for capturing memories. From a stunning countryside of lush groves, to tall trees and flowery gardens, the scene is one straight out of a fairytale and lends itself to a multitude of picturesque moments. Of course, did we mention the chance for sunset photography?

Laid-back planning
The idea of saying your vows in a barn might make you anxious, but it's one of the more laid-back wedding styles on the rise. With so many venues dedicated to providing convenience, efficiency, and value, you'd be really surprised to know some offer incredibly budget-friendly packages starting from an astonishing $3,000. Moreover, numerous venues offer wedding packages letting you mix and match indoor and outdoor venues, so you can rest easy knowing on-site professional coordinators will ensure everything is to your liking and dream.

Tons of space
In addition to providing ample space for activities, barns are wonderful for small or large weddings. Barns often offer a good amount of room and accommodations to host both the ceremony and reception, so logistically things become much simpler for you and your guests. And thanks to its spacing, many choose this trend because of the connected element between family and friends that offers a huge dose of comfort and hospitality.

Authentic atmosphere
Rustic charm is all the rage, with its simple and enchanting beauty. But there's also a great personalized aspect to it that intrigues brides and grooms. As an authentic atmosphere off the beaten path that speaks to a flexible style, barns epitomize a wholesome American genuineness. Coming in all shapes and sizes, some rustic, others contemporary — each has their own unique personality that plays to the mood you aim to create.

Historical charm
Because your day is so important, your venue should be equally reflective of such significance. One thing we all know is that barns are full of history and stories, and that naturally reinforces the atmosphere for your big day. Not to mention, many of these barn venues are amidst gorgeous rural countryside settings surrounded by small towns and their own past. So by saying your "I do's" and making memories in a barn on a farm that literally stood the test of time, weathered storms, changes and so much more — well, that takes the cake for representing what your day really means.