10 Must-Have Apps for Your Next Trip

Jet-setters or annual family vacation trippers alike, trip planning has been made so much more [...]

Jet-setters or annual family vacation trippers alike, trip planning has been made so much more simple with our beloved smartphones. A Pew Research Study from earlier this spring discovered 80% of Americans have been using their smartphones as tools to help them travel.

Smartphones have become an essential part to the travel experience and planning process, app developers have responded with creating smart tools for every travel need and desire users might have. Whether hitting the road or seeking air travel this season, let your apps do the vacation planning heavy lifting.

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Recognized as the ultimate road trip planner, Roadtrippers lets users discover the hottest diners, scenic spots and routes, sights and attractions, and hotels. Trying to budget for a cross-country trip is made easy as the app helps estimate the fuel cost of a journey and provide a concise, printable version of itineraries.


With reviews and ratings covering a smorgasbord from lodging, restaurants, and sights all over the world, TripAdvisor is known as one of the best travel review sites on the web and their app is just as brilliant. Delivering reviews, opinions and candid photos from fellow travelers, users can find what's best suited for them from the comfort of their fingertip. With the "Near Me Now" feature, travelers can discover places near their location and download maps onto their phone for free.

XE Currency
While XE Currency might seem like a simple app, it's an essential one to keep on hand when calculating currencies on the go. With users able to access live exchange rates, view historical charts and trends, they can calculate prices on their smartphone or tablet without feeling the pinch of dealing with foreign currency.

Google Translate
There's nothing worse than traveling abroad and not knowing the language, but thanks to Google Translate, you don't need to feel like an outsider. Similarly to having a translator by your side, Google Translate is incredibly helpful with interpreting languages in a variety of ways. From translating simple text, to the new and improved two-way automatic speech translation, there are plenty of ways to feel at home. Earlier this summer, Google integrated the camera to snap photos and interpret signs and menus for an instant translation.

If you're taking a long road trip, GasBuddy is a helpful tool for those on a budget. Bringing drivers together to support the common goal of saving money, this app updates with a list of the closest gas stations near you and reports gas prices as they fluctuate across Canada and the United States. For those who report and post on the prices, GasBuddy awards points and awards, as well as adding you to a daily draw of winning $100 of gasoline.

Touted as the ultimate city guide for your pocket, FourSquare showcases to users the best places to eat, drink, shop, and visit in any city in the world. With reviews from over 45 million users traveling and discovering new places, the app lets you search for whatever you please, like "fried chicken" or "romantic places."

Offering a unique experience for travelers, TripIt is a hassle-free app that keeps all your travel plans in one place by creating a master itinerary, so you don't have to. We love our George Costanza like planner filled to the gills with papers, but it is time for an upgrade. Simply forward all confirmation emails including hotel, flight, car rental, and restaurants and TripIt transforms those emails into a working itinerary, complete with alerts. So you are less likely to miss your red eye flight - it has not found a way to prevent you from hitting the 'snooze' button - yet.

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