Sip on Sugar-Free Cocktails This Summer

sugar free

One of the easiest ways to overload on sugar is via drinks. From juices and virgin mocktails to alcohol-infused cocktails — the fruity, syrupy sugar bases aren’t as sweet as they taste. Instead of drinking your way to diabetes and obesity, how about a toast to healthy alternative? Try using seltzer or coconut water instead of juice, which will cut the calories and the sugar. Check out these sugar-free cocktails!

Skinny Bikini: If you’re a rum fan, this concoction will make you very happy. At only 138 calories per drink, use a cranberry juice with no added sugar and pour all ingredients into a shaker. Serve on the rocks with a bold garnish and enjoy. Get the recipe here.

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Volito: With a refreshing 85 calories per drink, limes take the spotlight. Take out the sweetener and sub with a couple of strawberries or raspberries. Use club soda for a fizzy base and add several mint leaves for the ultimate refreshment. Get the recipe here.

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Watermelontini. Martini and vodka fans, this one’s for you. You’ll mix vodka with lemon-lime coconut water, then add some watermelon cubes and a lime wedge. Shake, serve, garnish and enjoy. Get the recipe here.

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Strawberry Margarita: Tequila, anyone? You’ll need strawberry slices, fresh lime juice and lime wedges. Skip over the added sweetener, then blend everything together with ice and serve. Get the recipe here.

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Lime Ginger/Strawberry Kiss: This recipe calls for agave nectar, but you’re skipping that step. Rules are rules! You’ll need lime juice, water, mint leaves and either a finger size ginger root or a couple of strawberries. Blend everything with ice and serve. Get the recipe here.

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