Meghan Markle's Wedding Workout

Meghan Markle may be on her way to being bonafide royalty, but that doesn’t mean her interest in healthy living has changed. In fact, with her upcoming nuptials to Prince Harry this May, her commitment to fitness and a healthy diet is stronger than ever — and she’s just as focused on maintaining her wellbeing as she is on looking great in her dress.

Markle is no stranger to fitness; her mother is a yoga teacher, and from an early age, Markle was taught the importance of treating her body and mind well. Markle has a passion for fitness, varying her weekly routine to ensure she gets the right amount of cardio and strength workouts to keep her body strong. She’s well known for her love of jogging, which she says is her go-to workout for clearing her head and keeping in shape. However, with her celebrity status increasing, finding the time and space to jog has become increasingly difficult, especially since she can’t leave the house without being recognized! Now, Markle turns to home-friendly workouts like Tracy Anderson’s online videos to help her stay in shape despite her hectic schedule.

Yoga also features among Markle’s favorite workouts, and though she can’t visit her favorite Los Angeles yoga studio, Y7, while in London, she’s been able to make secret visits to a hot yoga studio near Buckingham palace to ensure she maintains her zen amid the wedding craziness.

(Photo: Instagram / @meghanmarkle)

Luckily, Markle is accustomed to long hours and crazy schedules from her acting career, so she knows how to prioritize her health no matter what her day looks like. In order to complement her fitness routine and give herself the energy she needs in times of high stress, she focuses on preparing nutrient-rich meals packed with plenty of healthy protein, fruits, and vegetables. Frittatas, chia pudding, and green juice are some of her favorite things to whip up, though she knows the importance of a good cheat meal, and doesn’t shy away from the occasional burger and fries.


It’s refreshing to know that despite her fame and the royal hunk on her arm, Meghan Markle works out and eats just like the rest of us, aiming to find the workout that “really speaks to [me] beyond trying to get goals for [my] body” and allowing herself the occasional, necessary indulgence.

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