This Little-Known Yoga Pose Can Tone Your Abs and Help With Bloating

happily grey abs
(Photo: Happily Grey)

Nauli, a little-known yoga pose taking Instagram by storm, isn't taught in most yoga classes for one reason: It's simply too difficult.

The ab exercise isolates muscle contractions in your core in a circular, rolling motion. To see what the heck we're talking about, check out one of the viral nauli videos below:

If your jaw is still on the ground, know that you're not being hoodwinked; this pose is real. Insta yogis everywhere are finally learning about nauli, thanks in part to @yoga, who recently shared this video:

Not only is nauli damn near mesmerizing to watch in action, but practicing nauli also comes with benefits. For one, learning how to isolate each abdominal muscle will add some serious toning to your abs.

Secondly, according to, nauli can even help alleviate constipation and other digestive problems. That means you can say goodbye to bloating!

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While the pose is difficult to pull off, Aubry Wiltcher, a yoga instructor from San Diego, California, says with time anyone can learn how to do it (unless you're pregnant — better safe than sorry).

"With time and patience, it's accessible by all body types, I promise," Wiltcher said.


Want to try nauli for yourself? says to learn from an experienced yoga teacher. After all, we're still trying to master the basics.


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