Get the Curves of Your Dreams with Scarlett Johansson’s 7-Day Workout

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It's not easy wearing a lycra catsuit on the big screen, but somehow Scarlett Johansson pulls it off effortlessly. Johansson plays Natasha Romanoff in the Marvel hit movies The Avengers, Iron Man 2, Captain America and The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Johansson's workouts for her Marvel role focus on losing weight and gaining muscle, which give her a hard, toned look in that tight black bodysuit. Workouts are seven days a week and 90 minutes each.

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According to Bobby Strom, Johansson's trainer, she works out in three to four sets of 25 to 30 reps. Her go-to fitness routine is a total body circuit.

"I was having her do a lot of balance, coordination and core work, but what she was really loving was the strength training," Strom said. "Things like pull-ups and kettlebells, and the idea of feeling and looking strong."

"When I trained Scarlett for Iron Man 2," Strom said, "she said to me one day, 'Bobby, I've been training with you for two months. Why isn't this getting easier?' And I said, 'Scarlett, I'm making it harder all the time.' She's like, 'Oh good, because I was really feeling like a loser here. It's been two months and I'm still out of breath.' And that's kind of my thing. I sneak it up on them so they're improving, but they don't realize that."

Here is a day-by-day example of Johansson's fitness routine!

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Day 1:

1. 15 minutes on the treadmill as a warm up

2. Sprint for 20 seconds and then jog for 40 seconds & repeat

3. 20 speed lunges

4. 10 reverse lunges—alternating legs

5. 10 jump squats

6. 10 medicine ball slams

7. 10 lat pulldowns with resistance bands

8. 20 BOSU ball hip abductions

Day 2:

1. 15 minutes on treadmill as a warm up

2. Squats

3. Bicep curls

4. Shoulder press

5. Front kicks

6. Superset with tricep extension

7. Band rows

8. Weighted walking lunge

Day 3:

1. 15 minutes on treadmill as a warm up

2. Diagonal walks with mini-bands (10 per side)

3. Butterfly steps

4. Lifted heel squats with tricep kickbacks

5. Standing leg rotations

6. Reverse lunge with dumbbell press

7. Side to side speed skaters

Day 4:

1. 15 minutes on treadmill as a warm up

2. Dumbbell squat and press

3. Bicep curls into overhead press

4. Pull-ups

5. Pushups

6. Alternating bicycle crunches x 50

7. Reverse crunches

Day 5:

1. 15 minutes on treadmill as a warm up

2. Speed lunges

3. Reverse lunges

4. Jump squats

5. Jump split squats

6. Kettlebell swings

Day 6:

1. 15 minutes on treadmill as a warm up

2. Side lateral raises

3. Front lateral raises

4. Bicep curls

5. Bent-over rows

6. Tricep kickbacks

7. V-ups

Day 7:

1. 15 minutes on treadmill as a warm up

2. Shadow boxing (10 mins)

3. T-pushups

4. Speed lunges

5. Jump squats


6. Planks (10 reps, hold 30 secs)


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