Fast Food Under 500: Burger King

Burger King Whopper Combo

When the day gets away from you faster than you can even plan for it, you're often left with the last resort of stopping by a fast food place like Burger King or McDonald's for a quick meal. While these brands try to promote fresher and healthier options, looks can be deceiving. Rest assured that it is completely possible to score a fast and convenient meal for under 500 calories, read on and see for yourself!

Hamburger: While Burger King is famous for their Whopper sandwich, it rings in at 650 calories! If having a burger is non-negotiable for you, try swapping the Whopper for a regular cheeseburger. At only 230 calories, you can still have that delicious burger flavor without all of the guilt. If you're craving a cheeseburger at home, Click here to try our deliciously simple cheeseburger or our skinny mini turkey burgers to feed your craving without breaking your calorie budget. (via Burger King)

burger king hamburger
(Photo: Photo Credit: Burger King)

Side Salad: A salad usually seems like a healthy option, but beware, as not all fast food salads are not created equal. This small side salad is one of the healthier fast food salads, because it is only 40 calories. Just remember that salad dressing is an easy way to pack on extra calories, so use sparingly. (via Burger King)

burger king side salad
(Photo: Photo Credit: Burger King)

Apple Slices: Add a little fruit to your meal! These apple slices are only 30 calories, so you could have two packs if you're feeling extra hungry. Also, having an apple a day may be more important than you realize. (via Burger King)

burger king apple slices
(Photo: Photo Credit: Burger King)

Small Iced Tea: Don't forget to top your meal off with a beverage! A small iced tea checks in at 120 calories, and after all, tea is a perfect summer drink. (via Burger King)

iced tea burger king
(Photo: Photo credit: Burger King)

Total Calories: 420

Burger King isn't the ideal healthy meal option, but it can work in a pinch if you choose wisely. In fact, a full fast food meal under 500 calories is possible almost anywhere, including Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, and Arby's. See the full Burger King nutritional menu by clicking here.