DIY Makeup: You're a Natural Beauty

We all want to look our best, but finding makeup that is free of parabens and potentially harmful ingredients is difficult. Some mamas have taken the responsibility of creating all-natural beauty products into their own hands and we're sharing a few of their safe, simple recipes. From blush to mascara, eyeliner to face powder, these DIYs require only a few ingredients that you might already have in your kitchen and they'll keep your skin looking young and fresh!

beautiful woman smiling

1. Homemade Loose Face Powder: This loose powder is simple to mix and requires only three ingredients! While this powder won't yield the same results as your current foundation, it will reduce your skin's shininess and add light color to your face. It's simple to apply with a powder puff or brush and can give you the light coverage you need without harmful chemicals! (via What's That Smell?)

homemade loose face powder DIY makeup
(Photo: What's That Smell?)

2. Homemade Blush with Dried Raspberries: For a cheek color that's completely customizable and natural, try this blush from The Clean Dish. It is made with only two ingredients and the tint can be easily changed by experimenting with proportions! Use it to create rosy, blushing cheeks for everyday wear.

homemade blush with raspberries DIY makeup
(Photo: The Clean Dish)

3. DIY Natural and Non-Toxic Eye Liner: If you don't mind getting your hands a little messy, try mixing up this natural eyeliner from Beauty by Britanie! It's made with only two ingredients and can last all day without smudging or running. With a thin eyeliner brush, you can create the perfect cat eye or try a smokey look as this mixture can also be used as an eye shadow and mascara.

DIY natural and non-toxic eyeliner makeup
(Photo: Beauty by Britanie)

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4. All-Natural Homemade Eye Shadow: Create one shadow or a full palette with this simple eye shadow recipe. The base requires only two ingredients, then mix and match a few pantry staples to create unique colors. You'll love the subtle, light feel and look of these natural, fun eye color options! (via Thank Your Body)

homemade eye shadow DIY makeup
(Photo: Thank Your Body)

5. DIY Seaweed Mascara: Mascaras can often contain chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients, so make your own with this all-natural seaweed mascara recipe. It may sound a little odd, but this easy DIY requires just seven ingredients and a stove top and will create a beautiful, lasting product! The ingredients in this recipes can also help your lashes grow longer and thicker. (via Butter Nutrition)

DIY mascara makeup
(Photo: Butter Nutrition)

6. Natural Tinted Lip Balm: This four ingredient lip balm by Wellness Mama will leave your lips shiny, smooth and hydrated! It looks more natural than lipstick and you'll feel better about using it since there are no artificial ingredients. The color can also be easily adjusted to complement your skin tone!

tinted lip balm DIY makeup
(Photo: Wellness Mama)

7. Homemade Makeup Remover Pads: Once your busy day is over, remove your makeup quickly with these natural homemade makeup remover pads by The Coconut Mama. The makeup remover is made with five ingredients, then use the pads so the mixture never stains your washcloths! This remover will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft and can combat dryness.

homemade makeup remover pads DIY
(Photo: The Coconut Mama)