Darling, Delicious and Doable: 10 DIY Food Gifts

Holiday seasons are fast approaching! Whether you're throwing an adult Halloween party, having everyone over for a Thanksgiving extravaganza, or just throwing a cocktail party, you can "WOW" your guests even more with DIY gifts they can eat. DIY gifts need not be expensive, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be adorable! The gifts come straight from the heart and hands, and they'll definitely make a delicious impact.

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1. Cookie mix: Grab a Mason jar (you know you stockpile them) and stack up all the dry ingredients for your favorite cookie recipe! Grab some rustic labels, like these mason chalkboard labels, to place on the jar to write what kind of cookie mix is inside, or tips for baking!

jarred cookie mix
(Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie)

2. Roasted nuts: Give your partygoers a snack to remember you by! Grab some colorful Chinese take-out boxes and fill them with spicy roasted chickpeas or maple candied walnuts.

take out boxes
(Photo: Pinterest)

3. Spice tins: Mix together some homemade spicy concoctions, like a meat rub or basic Italian seasoning. Introduce your partygoers to other worlds of flavor with your own herb and spice blends!

spice tins
(Photo: 100 Days of Real Food)

4. Kimchi: Another gift idea that will use your stockpile of Mason jars: kimchi! The fermented mixture of nappa cabbage and carrots is chock full of vitamins and nutrients. This gift is for the adventurous, the people willing to try new things! Expand your horizons as well; think about pickling radishes, pickles or carrots... you'd be surprised at how many people enjoy spicy gifts. Check it out here.

jarred kimchi
(Photo: Zen Belly Catering)

5. Apricot brandy: Because your party is lively and your guests are spirited, why not give them a mini bottle of spirits? This recipe, from Country Living, is the perfect gift for your cocktail party.

(Photo: Country Living)

6. Tea mix: With this gift, your guests will look forward to the next morning. Tea mixes can be made with dehydrated fruits and dried herbs (check out this website for how), or try this chia tea Taste of Home recipe.

(Photo: Martha Stewart)

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7. Infused olive oils: Infused olive oils can be incorporated in salads, sandwiches and all sorts of dishes. Make a few different versions, and watch as your guests try to collect them all! Learn how to infuse oils here!

infused oils
(Photo: Just Putzing Around the Kitchen)

8. Biscotti: Another sure-fire crowd pleaser, because who doesn't love biscotti cookies? Guests can enjoy the light cookies with their morning tea! Check it out here.

(Photo: The Baloney Bug)

8. Flavored sugar cubes: Add delicate and delectable flavors to your regular sugar cubes to spruce up a tea or coffee. Make lilac, rosewater or espresso flavored cubes... the possibilities are endless. The best part: The recipe is super easy!

sugar cubes
(Photo: Pinterest)

9. Caramel Sauce: What would a list like this be without caramel? Go ahead, indulge yourself and your guests with a healthier version of the classic favorite, like this three-ingredient caramel sauce.

(Photo: Southern in Law)