Chinese Takeout You Can Feel Good About

It's girls-night-in and you're ordering Chinese takeout. Instead of feeling guilty about it in the morning, take a moment to pick out some of the healthier options on the menu. A lot of Chinese food is fried and loaded with salt, which we all know we should avoid. Rather than splurging on an MSG-filled dinner, take a look at Made Man's list of 3 healthy Chinese options.

Steamed Dumplings: The fried version of this food adds excessive trans fat because of the peanut oil in which it's cooked. Most restaurants offer the choice of steamed or fried dumplings, but even if they don't go out of their way to offer the steamed version, request it. The flavor is the same, if not better, and they're much healthier for you. One steamed dumpling contains 45 calories, compared to 175 in the fried version. Go with the healthy Chinese fast food option, and instead of using the salty soy dipping sauce, try out a little spicy mustard.

steamed dumplings

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