Bet You’ve Never Heard Of These 10 Ways To Look 10 Years Younger​


It's impossible to roll back the clock, but it is possible to remove some of the effects of aging from your face. We've heard a million different ways to keep wrinkles and dark spots at bay, but which of these tips actually work? We're here with answers—and a couple tips from celebrities too!

Here are 10 ways to roll back the clock on your skin, look younger and feel more alive than ever!

1. Exfoliate regularly, but use oil-based products.

Stripping your face of its essential oils is detrimental to your skin and can cause premature wrinkling! A good session of exfoliation with an oil-based cleanser can remove the dead skin cells, leaving your face soft and smooth, which is exactly what you want!


2. Drink a lot of water.

"It's essential to drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated," says Marcyanna Legan, MD at UK-based skincare company Racinne, "but I try not to drink from plastic bottles as it causes wrinkles around the mouth."

UK ex-model Twiggy agrees wholeheartedly. "Drinking water is one of the best things we can do for our skin," Twiggy says.


3. Moisturize. A lot.

Demi Moore is a champion of moisturizing regularly. In fact, she swears by it, and we trust her! How could we not? The actress is absolutely gorgeous, and looks more like 35 than her 53.

"No matter how late it is when I get home , I take the time to to clean and moisturize my face. I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you won't really need a lot of makeup," Moore told Marie Claire.

demi moore

Another celebrity stunning the skincare game? Christie Brinkley. Here's exactly how she shows zero signs of aging even at 62 years old.

4. Avoid the sun.

This one can be a little difficult for those of us who love the beach, but ample sunscreen and a hat can keep your skin protected while you enjoy the waves.

Nicole Kidman has diligently used sunscreen and avoided the sun for years, and look at her now! Her skin is clear and ageless.

"It's the worst thing in terms of aging," Kidman told Marie Claire, "so I wear a lot of sunscreen and never go in the sun."

Julianne Moore is no exception, and divulged to Elle Magazine that she has walked out wearing SPF 15 since she was 23.


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5. Get a new haircut.

Try a youthful bob with textured layers. Framing your face with loose waves can make you look youthful and fun, while flat strands will actually just make your face look bigger. Avoid dark hair colors that look unnatural for a woman of your age. Lighten up instead!


6. Don't apply makeup everywhere.

Putting foundation and makeup over your crows feet actually just makes the wrinkles look bigger, according to Lanolips UK creator Kristen Carriol.

lots of makeup

7. Bye, bye, Moscato!

Alcohol never helped a woman look younger. Alcohol zaps your body of necessary nutrients, like Vitamin A, an important component in your body's collagen productions. It's time to put down the beer and martini and start drinking water instead!

many glasses of red wine

8. Stress prevention.

Participate in anti-stress activities like long soaks in your bath tub, a yoga session (here are five moves to practice daily), meditation in nature and even deep belly breathing. Stress is a huge contributor to your body's aging, so keeping it in check is a must for the ladies who wants to keep aging at bay. Jennifer Aniston swears by it!

woman taking bath

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9. Swap your eyeliners.

Black eyeliner can be harsh, especially if you're using it on your lower water line. Swap out the black eyeliner and use navy blue or a espresso color instead! Make-up artists also suggest using less eye makeup as you get older. The more natural your makeup, the more natural your face will look (and feel)!


10. Boost your lashes.

Especially after menopause, you might feel like your hair has gotten thinner...and your eyelashes too! Don't be scared to try fake eyelashes or curling your lashes to give them a boost. Celebrities have embraced the fake eyelash trend, and so can you!



After applying moisturizer, wear a light nail polish on your fingers and a ring on each hand. Researchers have found that these little tricks can make your hands seem younger and healthier!

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