The Amount of Sex People Are Having Compared to the '90s Is Disturbing

When it comes to getting it on in the bedroom, it looks like things are going downhill for [...]

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When it comes to getting it on in the bedroom, it looks like things are going downhill for Americans.

A recent study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior made the shocking note that even in our extremely sexualized society, Americans are having less sex than couples in the '90s. On average, 9 times less per year, or 16 times fewer for couples married or living together, according to Women's Health.

The data compiled for this decline in getting down was gathered from a survey of the sex lives of more than 26,000 Americans since 1989.

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According to the survey, the sudden lowering of sexy-times was pretty consistent across gender, religion, race, and education levels.

However, the number does vary greatly depending on how old partners are. For example, couples in their 20s have sex around 80 times a year whereas couples in their 30s are generally copulating around 20 times a year, a seriously sharp decline.

Things get really crazy when the study controlled for age and revealed that millennials seem to be having sex less often than previous generations at their same age.

Surprisingly, the authors of the study don't think easy access to pornography or longer work hours can account for the whole decline. They speculate that it may be related to increased depression rates and easier access to more forms of entertainment. If your Netflix and chill has turned into literally just that, you know what we're talking about.

But hey, study or no study, how many times a year you get it on is up to you and your partner! Here's to beating the odds, ladies.


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