9 Weight Loss Recipes to Boost Your Efforts

Need to kickstart your weight loss with detoxifying or fat-flushing recipes? These simple foods and drinks can help you increase your intake of fruits and veggies and get your body back on track by aiding in digestion and fat-burning processes. Check out nine of our favorite recipes here! These are the best foods for weight loss.

1. Weight Loss Creamy Cauliflower and Broccoli Soup: These good-for-you veggies make for a delicious, light lunch that won't wreck your diet! A 1¼-cup serving is only 124 calories — plus, it has 8 grams of protein to keep you full longer. Click here to see the recipe!

Weight Loss Creamy Cauliflower Soup

2. Clean Eating Quinoa Salad: Some salads can be filled with empty calories and may not be all that healthy, but this quinoa dish will help you shed pounds fast! It's packed with kale, red and yellow bell peppers, shallots and sunflower seeds to really give you that cleansing kick you need. Get the recipe to start cleansing!

Clean Eating Quinoa Salad

3. Superfoods Detox Soup: This warm soup is full of fiber to keep you from snacking soon after your meal. It's also packed with metabolism-boosting ingredients and superfoods like kale, cabbage, lentils and more! See details here.

Superfoods Detox Soup

4. Jiggle-Reducing Smoothie: This fruity drink uses kale, apple cider vinegar and mixed berries that are full of fiber, antioxidants and vitamins. A serving is only 167 calories, and contains 5 grams of fiber, making it the ideal breakfast or snack for weight loss. See the instructions here.

Jiggle Reducing Smoothie

5. Carb-Cutting Avocado Zoodles: Using zucchini noodles (or zoodles) cuts down on the carbs you'd normally have in pasta, and the avocados and artichokes are healthy ingredients to help you burn fat and detox your system. A 2-cup serving is only 163 calories! Click here for the recipe.

Carb Cutting Zucchini Noodles

6. Weight Loss Soup: For a colorful, nutrient-dense meal, try this tasty vegetable soup! It's a simple slow cooker recipe for busy days and a cup is only 88 calories. Check it out here!

weight loss soup

7. Slim Down Detox Water: This recipe includes ingredients that help boost your metabolism! Cucumbers are natural diuretics, lemons and limes loosen toxins in your digestive tract and grapefruits are high in enzymes that burn fat. Make it yourself here!

slim down detox water recipe

8. Skinny Detox Soup: This savory soup is packed with kale, carrots, celery, turnips, tomato, zucchini and other smart ingredients for detox and weight loss. It's fiber-packed to help you flush toxins and start fresh, and each 2-cup serving is only 133 calories! Get started here.

skinny detox soup


9. Detox Green Tea: Get your system back on track with this tasty green tea recipe. It's got a comforting flavor and each serving is only 9 calories! See the simple recipe here.

detox green tea

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