9 Ways To Manage Mosquitoes This Summer

There's nothing worse than an enjoyable day outdoors being ruined by annoying bug bites. Whether you're enjoying a pleasant evening on the patio with a skinny cocktail or you're prepping the kids for a day outside, use these nine methods to keep away the mosquitoes.

Bug spray: Reviewed to be highly effective, this bug spray by Repel will last up to 8 hours. It's great for an outdoor run, working in the garden or a weekend of camping! If you are looking for something natural, try Herbal Armor from All Terrain. It's great for those with sensitive skin and is clinically proven to be 100 percent effective for two hours and 95.8 percent effective for three. You'll need to apply this natural brand more often than Repel, but you won't run the risk of skin irritation.

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DIY Bug spray and traps: Some people like to make their own repellents. It's a great way to guarantee you know exactly what you are exposing your skin to. If you're looking for a good recipe, try this one from Wellness Mama. If you don't mind an icky sight, make a mosquito trap! It's simple to do but not very attractive when it's filled with dead mosquitoes.

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Citronella candles: Make your back deck the safe zone from mosquitoes by lighting a citronella candle! This Cutter Candle will last up to 40 hours for an entire summer of bug-free evenings.

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Avoid standing water: In summer, stagnant water is a mosquito's favorite place to hang. Try to avoid jogging, hiking and camping around lakes, marshes, swamps, etc. Even a long-lasting puddle on a humid day is a playground for a mosquito.

Repellant bracelets: Send a few of these with the kids when they pack up for summer camp or wear them on your next hike! If you hate the feeling of bug spray on your skin, these bracelets by SuperBand are a good alternative.

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Protective clothing: If you're covered up, there's a less chance of getting bit. Wear loose, long-sleeved shirts and pants to keep the creatures from landing on your skin. If it's too hot, that isn't much of an option, but it's a good plan if you're hiking or camping in a humid area or for evening activities once it's cooled off.

Electronic insect killer: If your yard is often the destination for playtime, you may want to invest in one of these! It can cover up to half an acre. Be sure not to have it on the desk or attached to the house however; it's meant to be secluded from where most people are. To learn more about it, click here.

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Get bats: It sounds silly, but bats can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes each night. Get a bat house or follow these steps to attract bats to your yard to reduce the amount of mosquitoes in the area.


Incense sticks: This is an all-natural way to keep bugs out of your space. These are made with essential oils and andiroba for a harmless but effective way of steering bugs out of your direction. To order them, click here.

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